Axum Ethiopian Honey Beverage

Axum Ethiopian Honey Beverage - Sundial Herbs

Axum Traditional Ethiopian Honey Beverage (100% Natural ) is made with pure raw honey which is rich in B Vitamins, vitamin A, C, K and U, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, proteins, etc. Axum Honey beverage is made with pure raw honey which is an emulsifier, breaks up fat and mucus, helps you to loose weight and also helps the body to retain calcium and supplies energy. Pure raw honey because of it's B vitamin content, makes it a tonic to the nervous system that helps relieve stress, calm hyperactive children and brings restful sleep. Axum Pure raw honey beverage taken with 2 tablespoons of natural apple cider vinegar helps lower blood pressure because of it's high potassium content, it also breaks up uric acid, beneficial to those suffering from arthritis, gall stones, gout, rheumatism and is a rejuvenator to the entire body.

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