Fat Eliminator

Baywood Fat Eliminator

One capsule of fat Eliminator™ absorbs up to 50 grams of dietary fat.

No Stimulants! Works Immediately! No Need to Wait to Eat!

The Facts about Fat Eliminato™

Fat Eliminato™ contains a revolutionary new form of chitosan called LipoSanULTRA™. Chitosan's abilities as a natural fat binder have been known and used for years. It can literally bind with dietary fats making them nonabsorbable, thus allowing our bodies to pass them through instead of entering into our system. This, of course, is amazing. Chitosan proved to be a very successful dietary supplement for years by people trying to lose weight and control their fat intake.*

But until now, there have been 2 inherent problems that have kept chitosan from being an even bigger success as a dietary supplement. #1) Chitosan takes over an hour to become fully soluble in stomach acid, making it ineffective if you do not remember to take it an hour before your meal. #2) You have to take up to 8 capsules of chitosan before each meal. This, of course, is too many capsules for many people to take on a regular basis.

Now with Fat Eliminato™, these two problems no longer exist!


120 capsules bottle
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