Mar 10

Hoodia Gordoni Extract 20:1

Hoodia Extract - FloraHoodia extract (Hoodia gordonii) • is an African cactus-like succulent plant. For thousands of years, African tribesmen have eaten the stems of Hoodia plants to prevent hunger and thirst on long hunting trips. Recent scientific studies have shown that Hoodia’s appetite-suppressing active ingredient is estimated to be up to 100,000 times as potent as glucose in sending a signal to the brain that the body is in a state of fullness. Hoodia works in a similar way as sugar to stem hunger and make a person feel full – but without the calories. In clinical trials it has been proven to reduce caloric intake by as much as 40%. Hoodia plant extracts suppress appetite naturally and are known to be free of side effects. Flora Hoodia is 100% pure Hoodia.

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