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2-Day Detox Plan

The 2-Day Detox Plan is a quick and easy detoxification program* specifically aimed to eliminate or neutralize toxins through the many detoxifying organs of the body.* It can be effective for cleansing and purifying the whole body after a heavy weekend, or after times of prolonged stress. The 2-Day Detox Plan contains powerful antioxidants* and scientifically selected plant herb extracts, which have specific actions on the body to help eliminate cellular waste,* keeping you clean and healthy and maintaining the health of key organs in the body.*

After Parties* Holidays, birthdays, celebrating the passing of some life milestone… it seems we all have good reason to celebrate and splurge in our lives. However, have you ever wished that you could undo some of the bad effects of life’s little splurges? Eating or drinking too much leaves us feeling slow and sluggish-both physically and mentally. But in our busy daily lives who has the time to take off and treat themselves right with a cleansing diet? The 2-Day Detox plan is designed for people on the move who want a quick and simple way to nourish and detox their bodies.*

Post Stress* Stress is another activity that leaves us feeling just as ‘burned out’ and ‘toxic feeling’ in our daily lives. We tend to work hard and keep a fast pace in life, but don’t take time to relax and cleanse our bodies of the bad effects of stress. The prolonged stress of our work or family responsibilities can add up and slowly degrade our immune system’s function as well as our overall feeling of wellbeing. The 2-Day Detox Plan is designed as a way to nourish and cleanse the body simply in a couple days-no starvation diets or harsh laxatives.*

How does Detoxing Help the Body? Detoxification is an ancient tradition in many societies throughout the world. It is a key aspect in maintaining wellness and healthy digestion for many forms of traditional medicine, such as Ayurveda, the traditional medicines of Tibet, traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the ancient European herbal traditions. 1

As we consume food, water, and even air, our body breaks down and uses the nutrients and elements for sustaining our livelihood. However, in the process of doing this, toxins are released and must be eliminated by the various organs of our bodies. The liver and the colon are the organs people usually think of first when it comes to detoxification, and this is for good reason. The liver has the job of converting lipid-soluble toxins into water-soluble toxins that can be excreted in the urine or sweat. Supporting the liver involves limiting the amount of toxins we are taking in, allowing the liver to process previous toxic exposure, and protecting the liver with a detox program from time to time.* The bowels and colon are important passageways for the elimination of toxins, and proper colon care can help them from becoming sluggish and building up undigested foods and toxins. Many people don’t realize that the skin is our largest detoxifying organ of our body, and through the perspiration we are able to release toxins in our sweat. A healthy complexion is a mirror for a clean and healthy inside.

Other important systems for the body’s own natural cleansing activities are the lungs, kidneys and the lymphatic system. Our lungs have constant exposure to the environment in which we live and they help us expel basic metabolic wastes. The lymphatic system moves lymph-including components of our immune system-through small channels that circulate through all our tissues. Our kidneys are another of our primary excretory organs, and help to filter the blood and to remove toxins through our urine.

What is in the 2-Day Detox Plan? The 2-Day Detox plan contains herbs from European traditions that are still used everyday in European culture. Milk Thistle and artichoke are well known for their ability to support the liver and protect the liver’s cells, and have had many clinical trials to confirm these activities.* 2 Dandelion root is useful in supporting the kidneys and liver, and helps promote optimum bile production.* 3 Burdock supports the kidneys, increases circulation, and lessens the load on the liver and lymph.* 4 Oregon grape root is known as a blood purifier in herbal traditions, and liquorice root helps to harmonize and balance the body.* 5 Fennel seed is known as a digestive, and along with prune juice concentrate which has a gentle stimulating action on the intestinal tract, they help to promote good gastrointestinal health.* 6 Swedish Bitters are all round tonics that specifically support the liver and kidneys.*

Suggested Use: Dilute before use. TWO large tablespoonfuls (approx. 20ml) in a glass and dilute with 30- 40ml of water or fruit juice. For best results use over two days. Take three times a day on day one and twice on day two and drink plenty of water.

What are the side effects of detoxing? Headaches, nausea, dizziness or lethargy are all possible side effects of the cleansing process. Detoxing can also make you feel unusually sensitive or emotional. For best results avoid all high fat content foods, excess sugar, caffeine and alcohol. To overcome these side effects drink plenty of water, and green, peppermint or chamomile tea also help.

After undertaking a detox plan, you will feel more pure, energised and revitalised as all the organs have been given a good spring-cleaning.* You may also notice a clean, clear skin complexion.*

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