Nov 25

Reach Your Goals with Unipro’s Perfect Protein

Strength Training

It’s common knowledge that strength athletes (bodybuilders) have increased protein demands. Many strive to have an intake of 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. Unipro’s Perfect Protein is a fantastic way for strength athletes to get high quality CFM whey protein, allowing them to meet their increased protein needs, and in turn helping to support their body in achieving maximum muscle growth.

Getting Lean

Unipro‘s Perfect Protein is a low fat, low carbohydrate protein source. It is sucrose-free and contains no artificial flavors or artificial sweetners. This makes Unipro’s Perfect Protein great for those who wanted to raise their protein intake to maintain muscle mass, while maintaining a lower calorie diet in an attempt to lose fat. This is best done in conjuction with a regular exercise program.

Functional Food

Unipro’s Perfect Protein is valuable as a food supplement because it is lactose-free and low in sodium. Unipro’s Perfect Protein can be added to recipes or enjoyed as a beverage or shake to increase protein intake, and it is great way to benefit from all the advantages of whey protein.

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