Dec 08

ClearLungs Extra Strength

RidgeCrest Herbals‘s ClearLungs Extra Strength (blue Label) contains homeopathic lung decongestants coupled with a Chinese herbal formula for clear lungs, normal mucus levels, and free breathing. Helps support clear breathing, healthy lung function, proper moisture levels in lung tissues, healthy mucus membrane function, and healthy blood circulation and oxygenation, no matter what your situation. ClearLungs is used by people in a variety of circumstance to get the most out of every vital breath.

Customer Experiences:

“I got a bottle of ClearLungs from you. I was choked up so bad this morning I could hardly breathe. I have bronchial asthma and emphysema so any pill that will help one helps all. Anyhow, those pills sure cleared me up.” -J.H., Washington

“Since less than a year old, I have suffered with severe bronchial asthsma. Now, however, the years of discomfort and worry over drugs are past with ClearLungs. To me, it is nothing short of a miracle, my wheezing and shortness of breath are just gone. Every asthma sufferer should give this product a try.” -B.D.,Washington

“ClearLungs is truly a miracle. My daughter had a sever case of Asthma. We went to every hospital specializing in asthma in the Washington, D.C. area. Nothing was able to help her until I tried ClearLungs. The very first capsule, she told me felt relieved. Last week we went to the doctor for her regular checkup. The doctor said she is clear to run and play. Trul a miracle.” – W.C. Washington, D.C.

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