Dec 10

Blood Pressure Formula

The herbs in this RidgeCrest Herbals formula perform several functions to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

The circulatory system carries energy fuel to cells throughout the body, and carries metabolic wastes away Since the body’s needs vary greatly from one activity to another, the vascular system operates very differently between rest and different activity levels. Blood pressure and velocity both increase with activity, and decrease for rest. Blood pressure also tends to rise naturally as we get older Blood pressure also changes with stress, so tile high levels of stress inherent in modem life can cause increasing blood pressure levels. And worrying about high blood pressure can make it even worse!

Western medicine often tries to control high blood pressure through mechanical means, such as vasodilators that relax the blood vessels, and diuretics that remove water volume from the blood. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses on helping the body properly regulate its own mechanisms, instead of trying to overpower or bypass them. As a result, Blood Pressure Formula can be safely used whether blood pressure levels are moving higher, lower, or are just erratic. However, for best effect, Blood Pressure Formula should also be combined with lifestyle measures such as weight loss, reduction/elimination of smoking and alcohol, and a sensible program of diet and exercise.

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