Dec 23

Migraine Relief

Migraine ReIief™ combines natural homeopathic remedies for headaches and migraines with lethal ingredients to enhance normal circulation and brain health. Used at the first sign of symptoms, or taken regularly as a preventative, Migraine Relief™ may help:

Quickly relieve symptoms Reduce severity and frequency Return sooner to normal activities

Migraines are typically one-sided, pulsating or throbbing headaches lasting 4 to 72 hours, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and noise. They affect women about 3 times more frequently than men. About a third of migraine sufferers experience a preceding “aura”, such as a strange light or unusual smell. While there are many theories about the causes of migraines, and well over 200 different kinds or causes of headaches, it appears that genetics, nutrition (including potassium calcium balance), hormones, and environmental triggers may all play a contributing role. Tracking down and treating these factors may result in significant reductions in symptoms. For best results, combine Migraine Relief™ with appropriate lifestyle and nutritional changes.

Migraine Relief™ is a carefully formulated homeopathic and Chinese herbal remedy which relieves headache and migraine pain naturally and without side effects. Works quickly and effectively. Migraine flelief ™ contains safe, effective homeopathic plant extracts, coupled with two separate Chinese herbal formulas for headache relief.

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