Dec 26

Parasitic Cleansing Program

Scientifically Advanced Gastrointestinal homeopathic medicinal containing special phytomedicinals which are known lethal antagonists to gastrointestinal and some circulatory parasites, and is engineered to effectively eliminate protozoans, flukes, roundworms and the entire body of tapeworms (including the head or scolex). Other so called anti-parasitic formulations are generally narrower in spectrum, and most are not effective against the many varieties of tapeworms. Only Parasitin is this effective! For prevention, it’s recommend that a complete cleansing be performed twice a year. The additional use of Växa’s colon cleanser, Colon-Aid+, will help clear the intestines of parasitic debris, and most importantly, allow the body to heal the damage caused by parasites boring through intestinal walls. Växa’s ReFlora+ will help to replace and restore healthy bacterial flora, which many parasites may have destroyed. A healthy bacterial flora can in itself help avoid some parasitic infestation.

Each Vaxa Parasitic Cleansing Program contains: 2 bottles of Parasitin (240 caps total), and 1 bottle each of Colon-Aid+ (120caps) and ReFlora+ (120 caps).

For more information please click here: Parasitic Cleansing Program.

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