May 22

Candida Formula

Candida Formula - Symbiotics

GI Tract Detoxifier* with Colostrum Plus® & Probiotics

  • Helps maintain normal levels of Candida albicans*
  • Promotes growth of healthy bacteria*

Helps maintain normal levels of Candida albicans bacteria! It’s normal to have Candida albicans in the body, but it’s critical to keep it in balance. Candida actually kills harmful bacteria and is food for “friendly” bacteria that keep our system working properly. Candida Balance™ works through 3 different mechanisms of action. Lactoferrin robs Candida of iron needed for growth. Bifidobacterium are added to promote GI tract health and feed on Candida. Colostrum Plus® adds IgG, PRP’s, and other Immune Factors, to promote overall immune health.*

Candida Formula

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