May 26

IFlora Probiotics for Women

IFlora Probiotics for WomenAs a woman, you know that you have specific health needs; including the need to sustain a balanced vaginal, urinary and digestive tract. Maintaining normal levels of natural flora supports those sensitive needs.* iFlora™ Probiotics for Women contains six specific strains and 15 billion cells per capsule** specifically selected to maintain a normal, low level of yeast in the body, as well as healthy vaginal flora and urinary balance.* This premier blend also helps sustain healthy digestion and normal bowel function, surviving stomach acid to provide maximum effectiveness for women’s health.* Take iFlora™ Probiotics for Women to support your vaginal, urinary, and digestive health every day.* 60 Vegetarian Capsules.

Sedona Labs IFlora Probiotics for Women

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