Sep 22

Pomology Heart Health – Promising Link Between Pomegranate and Cholesterol and Lower Nitric Oxide Levels.

Pomology Heart Health

Cardiovascular Supplement with CoQ10

Active, health-minded adults like you are defeating their chronological age, demonstrating that age really is just a number. Yet the startling fact remains – cardiovascular disease persists as one of the top three killers in the U.S. and is an underlying cause of more than 1/3 of adult deaths. Family history, built-up stress, surging blood pressure, an aging body – their combined effects may put you at risk.

Fortunately, anti-aging science has shown a promising link between the pomegranate and cholesterol, and lower nitric oxide levels. Pomology Heart Heath has isolated the best of the best, foods high in antioxidants and their active ingredients, that help support and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

Pomology Heart Health

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