Sep 22

Pomology Immunity Drink Mix – Support Healthy and Vital Immune System

Pomolgoy Immunity Drink

Immunity Supplement Benefits in a Tasty Drink

Enjoy an exotic medley of fruits and vegetables specially selected for their immune system support. Infused with our exclusive immunity blend, every refreshing drink delivers over 3 servings of antioxidant rich superfoods for an easy, convenient and refreshing way to feel strong and healthy.

Immunity Drink Mix bursts with the tropical flavors of pineapple, papaya and mango plus other orange/yellow fruits and vegetables including mangosteen, pumpkins and yams. Carotenoids and biovlavonoids in these sunny foods may have a longevity promoting link. Pomegranate and acai concentrates enhance their ability to protect cells from the free radicals that weaken them.*

Pomology Immunity Drink Mix

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