Oct 25

Sprunk-Jansen Weightlevel

Sprunk-Jansen Weightlevel

A natural weight loss aid

There is nothing new about wanting to manage your weight. And WEIGHLEVEL™ is a completely natural way to help your weight loss plans. It contains four herb extracts that suppress your appetite and stimulate your metabolism, and this helps your body deal with food more effectively. Used for centuries

Herbs have been used for centuries to help achieve natural weight loss and each one acts on the body in a different way. But it’s the combination of Lady’s Mantle, olive, mint and cumin. Back in balance

Together, these herbs help your body take in more of what is needed and less of what it doesn’t. It’s a tricky balance to maintain, particular in a world of rich food and desk bound jobs WEIGHLEVEL™ gives the body a gentle helping hand.

Sprunk-Jansen Weightlevel

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