Nov 21

Avesta Mangosteen A Powerful Antioxidant

Avesta Mangosteen

Mangosteen is widely regarded as the most delicious of all fruits. The fruit rind is also a rich source of healthy compounds. We designed our high potency extract of Mangosteen as a superior antioxidant with a high ORAC value compared to other fruits such as blueberries.

  • Superior antioxidant*
  • Higher ORAC value than blueberries
  • Bottle = 129,000 ORAC Value

The Science of Mangosteen

Ayurceutics triple-standardized Mangosteen is extracted from the fruit rind of Garcinia mangostana; renowned in Southeast Asia as “queen of the fruits.” Among the numerous scientific studies on the potential benefits of Mangosteen, the vast majority concern the rind which is used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine and contains the highest concentration of active constituents in the fruit. Our extract blend is standardized to Alpha-mangostin, one of a family of active compounds found in the rind known as xanthones. Because studies have shown that tannins and flavonoids also contribute to the antioxidant activity of the rind1, Avesta Mangosteen is standardized to provide consistent levels of all three antioxidant factors.

Avesta Mangosteen A Powerful  Antioxidant

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