Oct 28

Selecting the Right Pair of Daily Contact Lenses

As consumers we are constantly looking for the “biggest bang for the buck”. This doesn’t necessarily apply to everything. Selecting the right pair of daily contact lenses should be first decided on by you. You are the consumer. Purchasing daily contact lenses are a little like buying a nice pair of shoes. Contact lenses must be tried on.

Visiting your Optometrist for a fitting is the best place to start. Remember daily contact lenses are just that; daily. A good Optometrist will advise you to have your lenses fitted; some may use a numbing agent on your eye to ease this process.

Once you have been evaluated by an eye care practitioner there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. Contact lenses are available by a wide variety of mass markets. Just because you are purchasing daily contacts, doesn’t mean your quality of product should suffer.

Do Your Research

As a contact lens wearer, you want to provide your eyes with highest quality lenses out there, but not to drain your pocket book.

Know your product availability. If contacts are something you’re going to be purchasing selecting a brand that is readily available will be key in your search. Optical chains might always have stock but without the discounts of online retailers. Mass merchandisers might be the way to go for the cost and availability you will need for contact lenses buying. Always exhaust all your avenues before you make a decision. Some mass merchandisers offer larger discounts for having all services in one location.

For example, an eye exam, contact lens buying or other services couple, may provide you an alternative to saving money. Optical chains may provide you a discount for buying in bulk. If your able to, price out buying a years supply of contact lenses, this may also be of advantage for availability as well. Online realtors, no matter what the product involve some risk. Contact lenses are no different.

Advantage of Buying Online

There are definite advantages to purchasing online such as 24/7 ordering, and the conveniences of comparing pricing. Like anything available online, you should do you homework and go with your comfort level. You should never assume because it’s offered by an Optical Retailer that you will be paying more.

Daily contact lenses have come along way, and now are the norm. At one time this convenient alternative to glasses was quite costly. Now the offer of disposable daily contact lenses has made the market comparable. When you evaluate what you will need for contact lenses buying, be sure to have all your information.

Visit your eye care practitioner; this will get you started in the right direction. Information is power so ask all the questions you like. Look for discounts, coupons, and don’t be afraid to shop around. After all, something you wear daily should have the perfect fit. Let’s not forget; the consumer is always right.

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