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How to Prevent Varicose Veins with Compression Hose

Nobody wants varicose veins. They’re unsightly, and worse, can lead to aching or cramps at the veins site. There are many simple ways to prevent varicose veins, most of which people don’t even realize and could be doing every day. Try out the following preventative measures, before you find yourself in need of varicose veins stockings.

Move around.

You shouldn’t be sitting all day, nor should you be standing the whole time you’re at work or school. Being in one position for prolonged periods of time gives blood the chance to pool, which is what leads to varicose veins. Kids who go to school have an in-place schedule that lets them move around every hour; however, most adults have jobs that requires they sit for eight hours a day. Take a few breaks throughout your shift and walk around for a few minutes at a time to keep up your circulation. Also stretch your legs while you sit, by flexing your ankles and toes.

Buy some compression hose.

If you have to be seated or standing for long periods of time, without an opportunity to really get up and walk around (say while driving or on a flight), wear compression hose. They provide pressure on your legs, which keeps up the blood flow to your heart.


Make sure you get enough exercise. Keeping your muscles in motion will help reduce pressure; you’ll also be able to maintain an ideal body weight, further relieving excess pressure on your limbs. If you don’t already have an exercise routine in place, start one, but start off slow. Too much too soon can put too much strain on your muscles and cause other injuries. Activities such as walking, swimming, rowing and cycling are recommended.

Try to keep your legs up.

When you lie down to rest or sleep, try to keep your legs elevated. They don’t need to be way up in the air, just 6 inches to a foot above your heart level.

Avoid excessive heat when possible.

As much funs as Jacuzzis and hot tubs are, try to stay out of them. They can contribute to enlargement of veins and pooling of blood.

Switch to flats.

High heels can put unnecessary pressure on you lower legs, so wear them sparingly. Overly-constricting pants can do similar damage.

Try horse chestnut.

This herb has been shown to strengthen vein walls, significantly lowering the chances of breaking and leaks. Try 2 to 4 500mg capsules a day for maximum effect.

Keep good posture.

Whether you’re sitting or standing, do it straight; slouching increases pressure in your veins.

Avoid certain types of birth control.

Some high-estrogen birth control pills can weaken vein valves. If you are thinking about going on the Pill or are already on it, ask your doctor about this.

Keep these tips in mind and your chances of developing varicose veins will be significantly reduced. Remember: the easiest way to treat varicose veins is by preventing them.

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