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Solve the Mystery of Your Back Pain and Get Instant Relief!

Are you guilty of this common outburst? “You’re a pain in the neck!” I know I’ve said it many times not knowing that I was actually stating a literal truth!

You may be surprised to know that that common outburst carry’s a lot of truth within it. Let’s take a close look at the irony of this statement.

Has it ever occurred to you that the pain in your neck (or wherever it might be) may actually be caused by trapped or unprocessed emotions that you have experience in your life? Perhaps even brought on by a person close to you like your spouse, a friend, relative or even a co-worker. Before you roll your eyes, answer these questions- what have you don’t to get rid of your chronic pain? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything only to bring temporary or no relief? Does it remain a mystery to you, including your doctor?

Isn’t it time to explore what might be going on in your ability to process negative emotions and how they affect your body?

What you may not realize is that some of the negative emotions you’ve experienced, even though you may have felt them long ago, may be creating problems for you. It may seem odd at first to think that an unprocessed or “trapped” emotion might be causing you physical pain, but if you think about it –

Haven’t you ever gotten a headache after a stressful situation like an argument, or felt heartache after hearing sad news, or even a little nausea after witnessing something that turned your stomach? These are all examples of how instantly overwhelming emotions can physically effect you within a few moments of experiencing them.

What about all the emotions we feel and suppress? You know, the ones that seem to linger within it. We may consciously call them grudges, depression, and broken hearts. We find ourselves saying things like “I’ll never forgive myself, or I have never recovered from that situation, or I have never been the same since. Those are all after affects of traumatic emotional experiences that become stuck or trapped within our bodies and over time created chronic physical or emotional damage.

In short, while your conscious mind might be labeling something a grudge, your body might be manifesting it as a lower back pain. You see, you might have “trapped” an emotion years prior to getting the mysterious back pain, but it took years for the energy of that “stuck” emotion to produce a negative physical symptom. Get the picture?

People have found that when they free themselves of their trapped emotions they are able to live healthier and happier lives. Many people are amazed to find out that their “emotional baggage” is more literal than they had imagined. Trapped emotions actually consist of well defined energies that have a shape and form. Although they are not visible, they are very real.

How do you find these trapped emotions and release them forever? Traditionally we might think we need some kind of talk therapy such as counseling. The drawback to this type of locating emotional issues is that we can only talk about what we consciously remember. What about locating the emotions we trapped that we don’t remember? The ones we either trapped as children, or even as adults but have “stuffed” it?

The good news is that we don’t have to talk about them, or even remember them to locate them and release them forever. There are many modalities that teach you how to allow your body to heal itself by locating, releasing, processing or moving these imbalances which lead to happier, healthier productive lives!

The most ancient idea in the art of healing is that symptoms are caused by imbalance in the body.

Imbalances like trapped emotions lower immune function and make the body more vulnerable to disease. They can block the flow of energy, and prevent normal function of organs and glands. Powerful healing occurs when trapped emotions are found and fully released.

Recently , a cousin of mine mentioned that he had injured his lower back while performing a routine task at his place of work. I was surprised to find out the injury occurred 3 weeks prior and he was still experiencing a high level of pain despite using pain killers.

I immediately began to tell him about a healing modality that I learned that could possibly help alleviate the pain from his injury – needless to say, he was completely open to the idea. I helped him locate and release 5 trapped emotions that was contributing to the pain. The results were immediate, taking his pain level from an 8 to a 4. Over the course of the following 24 hours, the pain completely left his body.

Stories like this are common across the globe, and can be your story too! Who knows how much pain, unhappiness and chronic illness could be completely avoided by eliminating trapped emotions!

After 20 years of suffering from chronic back pain, I discovered trapped emotions that prevented me from healing. In total awe of my healing experience, I decided to share this with everyone and anyone who needs help. To find out more visit my site at:
How to get Instant Back Pain Relief

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