Nov 13

The Six Ways Aging Changes Your Skin

How aging affects the skin varies from person to person; it really depends on several factors like lifestyle and genetics. There are definitely some steps we can take to control the skin aging process. Many people are becoming fascinated with using Argan oil for anti aging concerns. To a certain degree, however, aging is a natural and inevitable process; your skin will eventually show signs of age. The following are a few ways that aging can change the skin:

The skin grows more thin

As skin ages, it becomes thinner. Blood vessels are also more apparent in aged skin which becomes less firm and supple. Because skin becomes thinner, it is also more easily bruised and marked, and red spots or purplish patches may be a common sight on older skin.

The skin gets dry

The older people get the smaller the amount of fluids produced by the skin to keep it young and supple. Older skin therefore tend to itch and grows drier and rougher. Dryness does not have to be a big problem as there are ways of moisturizing the skin. You can rub on moisturizing creams or lotions to bring back hydration to the skin so itchiness and skin irritation can be relieved.

There is an appearance of wrinkles and lines

More mature skin is dryer and less elastic, which mean that it is prone to wrinkles and fine lines. You can help control the onset of wrinkles by not smoking and using sunscreen.

Age spots become visible

Age spots, or liver spots, are mottled brown patches that are common in older skin. These are usually caused by too much exposure to the sun resulting in skin damage. You can prevent age spots by applying sun screen with a sufficient Sun Protection Factor (SPF) before going out in the sun or avoiding direct exposure entirely.

There are an increasing number of skin tags

Genetics and hormone fluctuations can lead to skin tags. They also become quite common on aged skin. These skin growths look like loose flaps of skin and occur on the parts of the body where the skin folds, like under the bra line or in the arm pit. Although skin tags are harmless, they can be unsightly and cause some irritation. A dermatologist can remove them with a simple procedure.

Skin requires more time for healing

As you age your skin loses moisture and durability, meaning it will take you longer to heal as you get older. People with certain health conditions such as diabetes, or skin cancer may have slower healing skin. It is best to consult a doctor when you notice a cut or bruise that has not healed after a reasonable time.

While aging is something that everyone has to eventually deal with, it’s overall affect on one’s skin can be managed over time. Your skin will look better if you start young with healthy habits and good products.

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