Nov 18

Breathe Away Your Head Ache

Without oxygen, the human body cannot survive more than just a few minutes. As a matter of fact, even before the body itself dies, you will lose consciousness. This just shows you exactly how important oxygen is and in many cultures, the air we breathe is considered to be our life. In reality, many of them may not be far from the truth and unless we are getting adequate oxygen on a regular basis, a number of different health problems can occur which can include headaches.

If you really want to be balanced on the inside of your body and you give yourself the best opportunity to avoid problems, such as headaches, you need to make sure that the oxygen that it needs is reaching every part of it. There are two different things that need to be done in order for this to take place. First of all, you need to be breathing properly so that the oxygen is going to be able to get into your blood in the first place. Secondly, you need to make sure that your circulatory system is up to par and that the blood is reaching every area of your body. Once these two things are in place, you would be surprised with exactly how easy it can be.

As far as breathing properly is concerned, very few of us do this on a regular basis. The way to tell if you are breathing properly or not is to watch your stomach whenever you are breathing normally. If your stomach is going in and out, that is a sign that your diaphragm is moving which shows that you are breathing deeply. Most of us tend to be chest breathers and we are never really filling our lungs up to capacity. Even though the blood is picking oxygen up from the lungs, it may not be picking it up to the full. Work on this consciously and you can change it over the course of time.

One other thing that you may want to consider is increasing your activity level in order to increase your circulation. If you get cardiovascular exercise regularly, you strengthen the heart and allow it to pump blood into further areas of the body. It also helps if you eat a proper diet and hydrate yourself properly. Once you have these two things in place, your body will be in a position to be able to heal itself and you will see a reduction in the number of headaches you experience.

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