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Know Safe and Effective Wart Remedies

Wart … the word itself seems to mean embarrassing, repugnant and many other disgusting adjectives you can come up with. Searching for wart remedies becomes the aim of anyone who is inflicted by them.

Since warts are caused by a virus, they can create a stigma that you have poor hygiene practices. We all want to avoid the negative stigma associated with having warts. Lots are budget-constrained and don’t want to “break the bank” on wart remedies to eradicate the warts.

You would most likely be asking: What caused my warts? Can I be wart free? What wart remedies are available?

This will help you find out what you need to know about avoiding and/or treating your warts.

Warts- technically known as a verruca, are cauliflower-like skin growths that are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus thrives on the skin and mucous membranes.

Watch out! These viruses are easily spread by direct contact with an infected person. So if you don’t want warts on you, be very careful when you are in direct contact with a wart-infected person.

Warts are not harmful and will eventually go away. However, it can take months or even years for them to completely be gone without treatment. Those who have warts that are located on areas that get bumped, scraped or rubbed such as plantar warts (warts that are located on the soles of your feet), folks look for remedies to have these warts removed to eliminate the discomfort these warts create.

Since the common wart is not as disturbing as the others, OTC creams and remedies are a well known choice of how to remove your wart. These OTC potions are usually rich in salicylic acid and you can find them in your local pharmacy. You will find them in the form of medicated pads or creams and treat warts, acne and other skin blemishes. This type of wart removal remedy can take several days of repeated application. This treatment may also cause moderate to severe irritation depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Another OTC treatment that is getting much attention lately is the cryogenic kit. This is a do-it-yourself kit that uses freezing chemicals. The chemical is applied directly on the wart; causing the frozen wart to fall off. The do-it-yourself cryogenic procedure will generally cost you slightly more than 20 USD.

Last, but certainly not least the wart removal remedy that I’m going to share with will cost you almost nothing and is natural.

These are called Home Remedies…

Home remedies, properly applied, will solve your wart embarrassments naturally and will be kind to your budget.

You can remove warts naturally by using apple cider vinegar, pineapple and other ingredients that have high acidity content. The acidic content in vinegar, pineapple etc. kills the wart in about a week. Another home remedy that might make you shake your head in amazement if you haven’t heard about it yet is the use of Duct Tape.

If you are skeptical, do your research. Many people have used home remedies to treat their warts and are very satisfied with the results.

I am sure you are eager to know more about this natural system of wart removal; you can get more information in e-books and short courses online.

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