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Simple Home Teeth Whitening Ideas

Discolored teeth can destroy self-confidence. People who find themselves in this situation are often ashamed to flash a smile or even utter a word in public. However, it is not necessary to live like this as there are a number of home teeth whitening ideas that can sort out the problem.

Know the cause: Strong teeth rarely get stained while on the other hand, weak teeth that are already damaged get stained easily. The first step is usually to find out the cause and then correct it. Excessive consumption of tobacco, sugar and acidic foods or drinks are major causes. Drinking water containing high levels of fluoride when the teeth are still being formed is another cause. Such foods and drinks should therefore be taken in moderation or done away with altogether especially before going to sleep.

Proper hygiene: Brushing of teeth properly with non-abrasive toothpaste and a moderately soft toothbrush is important. This prevents further damage to the enamel while removing food particles harboring bacteria that can damage teeth.

Salty water: A safe way of killing bacteria that are harmful to teeth is to gargle salty water. This keeps the mouth free from germs that stain teeth.

Strawberry Fruit: Strawberry is excellent as a home teeth whitening solution. It works perfectly when rubbed on the teeth either whole or in paste form.

Bark of a Walnut tree: When rubbed on teeth, it kills bacteria and effectively cleans and whitens teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide: A solution made of a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and water kills bacteria and whitens teeth because it is a strong oxidizer. Irritation of the gums may, however, occur.

Foods that contain Calcium: Calcium makes teeth healthy and strong. Foods that contain it must therefore form part of a daily diet if one wants to maintain a beautiful smile. Calcium effectively keeps teeth white by making them strong to begin with.

Drinking water: A person who drinks a lot of water keeps the mouth clean. This helps by washing away food that is left behind after having a meal. Such food can provide a home for bacteria that cause harm to teeth.

For those with stained teeth, these are safe ways to get them sparkling once again. Other methods such as using Lemon and Baking soda may not be good for the teeth. Juice from Lemon contains a lot of acid and Baking Soda abrades the teeth. One should never forget that discolored teeth are often already weak and utmost care should be taken when using home teeth whitening methods so as not to damage them further.

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