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How To Prevent Allergy Attacks – Top 4 Remedies You Should Try

Have you ever wanted to stop reaching for that bottle of Benadryl every time you have an allergy attack? Have you ever wanted to go somewhere near a furry animal and not let it cause another attack? Have you ever wanted to enjoy the first few weeks of spring time without being affected by the pollens?

Allergies are triggered by allergens. As to what type of allergen can affect a person varies. Some might get affected by simple dust mites while others seem to get affected by foods such as nuts. Our body produces histamine as a way of counteracting the effects of these allergens. But histamine also tends to cause swelling of the throat or the appearance of rashes and hives. Wheezing and coughing are also very common symptoms of an allergy attack.

Your health should be at the top of your priority. Keeping allergies at bay seem to be easier with the help of the following remedies:

1. Take one to two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar daily. ACV is packed with vitamins and minerals that can improve internal health. But this mainly normalizes the functions of the body. According to several studies, taking this on a daily basis can reduce the likelihood of allergy attacks especially by people allergic to pet dander.

2. Drinking carrot juice daily also seems to help. It contains beta carotene, a derivative of Vitamin A that can help improve the immune functions of the body. It also seems to relieve discomforts brought about by sudden production of histamine.

3. Taking lavender tea has calming benefits to the system. It helps lessen the severity of allergy attacks. It also prevents inflammation and similar problems brought about by allergens. This also has antiseptic properties that can heal bacteria-induced wounds or rashes.

4. A cup of strawberries should be consumed daily. This will provide your body with your daily nutritional needs of Vitamin C. As you know, vitamin C helps boost the immune system. This can also keep the integumentary system healthy and dewy. Vitamin C even alleviates common rashes.

In addition to these remedies, you would always want to keep your surroundings clean to avoid allergy attacks. Use cleaning tools that can filter dust mites. Also make the right food choices so you can boost inner health and permanently prevent attacks. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. With the help of these remedies and tips, you can surely improve the quality of your life.

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