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Proven Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

The aloe plant produces succulent leaves that when cut or broken open present a transparent gel that is used for a variety of medical purposes, according to the Mayo Clinic website. This cactus related plant is easy to grow outdoors in warm climates or indoors during cold winter months. It regenerates leaves quickly, providing instant access to the gel when needed. Before you treat any medical condition with aloe vera, consult your doctor.

Laxative and Digestive Aid:

The lining and gel of the aloe leaves contain aloin that can be used as a laxative if taken orally. The Mayo Clinic acknowledges that this information is consistent with medical study findings, but the dosage has not been established. The Cleveland Clinic advises against using aloe vera for weight loss because high doses may be unsafe and cause diarrhea, cramping, loss of potassium and an imbalance of electrolytes. The aloe plant contains fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory. These elements aid digestion in the stomach and intestines by helping balance the alkaline to prevent too much acidity which can cause indigestion. Circulation Juice from the aloe plant has the ability to help detoxify your blood and increase your circulation. The juice enlarges your blood vessels, which helps the flow of blood. The recommended daily dosage is approximately 2 to 4 oz. taken orally.

Burn and Wound Health:

Aloe vera gel has properties that may help heal and soothe wounds and burns according to the Mayo Clinic. Break open a leaf from the aloe plant and apply the gel directly to the injured skin. If you don’t have an aloe plant, you may use an over-the-counter aloe gel that can be purchased at most drug stores or department stores that have health products.

Sunburn Care:

After a day in the sun, you may find relief from a generous coating of aloe vera gel. The anti-inflammatory qualities will help remove the sting from the sunburn, decrease itching and help prevent swelling in the area. You may apply the aloe gel as often as needed for soothing relief.

Arthritis Treatment:

According to the Aloe Vera Site, the plant’s anti-inflammatory properties help decrease the pain and inflammation from arthritis. Apply a blend of aloe and eucalyptus oil into the skin covering the affected area and massage. The aloe helps the absorption of the eucalyptus and enables it to stimulate the blood and reduce the pain in your knees, elbows, fingers and other joints. Daily internal consumption of aloe vera gel can also help reduce the swelling.

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