Jan 10

Common Food Allergies And Leaky Gut

It has not been common knowledge that there is a connection between food allergies and leaky gut syndrome. Normally, these food allergies were being treated by a myriad of medications and other procedures such as dieting. Unfortunately, these methods have not totally treated these allergies. They have always recurred. In real sense, what these methods do is suppress the real problem. The problem with surpressing these allergies is that it will reach a time that the real problem will blow out of proportion and cause irreversible damage.

Food allergy is a reaction of the immune system of the body to certain foods which contain some substances called allergens. Once these allergens come into contact with the gut system, a reaction is set off by the immune system to try and fight these allergens. The reactions are normally as swelling of the gut lining. The problem that sets in is the fact that this swelling causes more macro substances be absorbed into the body. These macro substances will set off another burst of immune system reaction. This will go on and may lead to further problems. Foods that are said to most commonly cause reactions include: wheat, rye, dairy, oats, soy, eggs, rice, peanuts, shellfish, fish, pork, milk.

True food allergies that are IgE mediated only affect a minor percentage of the population. They cause immediate reactions, which can be: airway constriction, swelling, rapid drop in blood pressure, hives, asthma, anaphylactic shock or other types of reactions

Most common food allergies are caused by protein content in the food. Proteins are needed by the body but not in undigested form. Due to enlarged tight junctions, undigested protein finds its way into the blood stream. These proteins will be tagged as harmful by the immune system of the body. Due to this, the immune system will react to these harmful substances as allergy. This is the reason why the leaky gut treatment involves abstinence from protein rich foods. These include wheat and its products, milk and its products, soy or tofu and other similar types of foods.

Avoiding common food allergy foods may be the answer to all the symptoms one has. The reason for this is that when one eats these foods, he or she disrupts the healing process. The subsequent inflammation caused by the eating of these foods will destroy any progress made in restoring the tight junctions. If they are avoided, it will give time to the intestinal lining to heal and consequently the leaky gut.

Use a good Leaky Gut Syndrome Treatment and the basis for any treatment program should be a leaky gut diet that will help eliminate the inflammation.

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