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The 5 Most Popular Hair Loss Options for Men

Some men are content to allow the course of the baldness to take its course and never consider a hair loss treatment, but for a good majority of men, fighting the baldness has become something, they can do because of popular products that work to stop the hair loss and some help to stimulate new growth. If these fail, there are hair plugs, hairpieces, and actual hair transplants. Obviously, hair transplants are the most expensive option, but one that some men do turn to after trying other options.

The most popular type of hair loss treatment for men is the topical treatment options, which can be found at any store. It typically has ingredients in it that can stimulate hair growth, but efficacy appears to differ from person to person. Meaning it might work for you depending on your balding pattern, but for someone else, it may do nothing at all. This is why there are so many treatments available. The five most popular treatment options for male balding include:

1. Topical creams and ointments

2. Shampoos are very popular because it is something that men can do in private and feel they are taking steps in the hair loss treatment process

3. FDA approved medications including Rogaine and Propecia, both of which slow the balding down and helps to regrow hair

4. Laser treatment options, which are aimed at stimulating the scalp to produce more hair and stop the hair loss from occurring. This is a new type of treatment, which comes in devices such as laser combs, but use caution with these and speak to your doctor before using any of these. The FDA has approved one laser comb for hair loss treatment.

5. Hair transplant is expensive, but many men do turn to this procedure. Keep in mind, this is surgery and therefore, has its own set of risks, as does any surgery. However, the success rate for treating hair loss in men is also higher than other treatments.

Hair loss for men can be very traumatic and devastating, especially when the hair loss begins at a very young age. It may be a common condition among many men, but it does not make it any less easy to accept. Turning to the many hair loss treatment options is one way to fight back against hair thinning and hair loss. You can first try some of treatment options over-the-counter, or speak to your doctor about trying one of the approved prescription medications, it may be just what you need to slow down the balding process and regrow some of your own hair.

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