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Effortless Weight Loss Principles: Insulin Levels

If you’ve been obese once in your life, you will understand how difficult it is to fit into society and to even move around the community. I’ve been diagnosed as obese when I was seven. Through the years I’ve ventured into altering the way I look and found out that eating less of the bad carbs is the perfect way to get thinner. That is why:

1. Forced Fat Utilization. To simply state it, Carbohydrates and Fats are 2 types of fuel that the body uses. In this article, we’ll skip the discussion on the effects of protein. It is not as important. Thus, your body likes to burn carbs more for various reasons. It needs a reduced amount of energy to get energy out. It would like to hold on to your fat storage for the next time you go into starvation mode. Alternating your vegetables like mustard greens and lettuce will push your body into burning up a much larger amount of fat for fuel. This in addition to the decreased levels of insulin that you will gain as a result of your new low carb diet will truly rev up your ability to get rid of fat. About ninety percent of all eating places will let their customers substitute their starch filled side dishes with good healthy vegetables. What makes it even better is that you can do it for no charge.

2. Eat More, Lose Weight. A very good thing about low refined carb eating plans is that you can consume similar amounts of calories and still lose large amounts of weight. Basically, if you took two people with the same weight, gender and activity levels and placed them both on a two thousand calorie diet, you will see some differences. This will especially be so if you placed one of them on a low carb eating plan and the other on a low fat eating plan. The low carb eater will lose up to seventy five to one hundred percent more fat than the other person.

3.More Sensitivity. When your body has a huge amount of weight around the torso, there is greater chance that you are experiencing problems with your insulin. It might be insensitive. This makes it hard for you to lose weight, it fact it makes you even fatter. We live in a world where everyone’s dependent on instant effects, hence, the rise of OTC drugs. This is when doctors then want to fill you up with drugs. Insulin is actually a good social director of nutrients in the body. When you digest your foods, they are broken down into carbs, fats and proteins. The body will respond by distributing excess insulin, that carries nutrients, to more places in the body. However, this is the problem with eating too many starches and refined carbs. They only have two places to go and that is either into your muscles/liver for storage or into your fat cells. They have to be converted into fat before going into your fat cells.

You muscles and liver don’t have that much space for carb storage. Carbohydrates are the energy that you need to perform intensive tasks such as chopping wood, skating or playing football. When you are going about your normal everyday tasks such as sitting down or watching television, you are not using up your glycogen stores. Imagine your muscles and liver being fully filled. So, when the insulin indicates to the muscles and liver to take up the carbs, the muscle and liver overlook the message from the insulin. They hardly respond to insulin levels. But, the body sends out a message and sends out insulin.

However, the muscle and liver still overlook the message. Thus, they are getting even more insensitive. During all of this time, the only one really listening and paying attention to everything are your fat cells. The greater amount of insulin, the more affinity to adipose tissues (fats). Get rid of the flow of blood sugar by not eating cookies, cakes and pies. This will lower the blood sugar levels and also insulin levels. As time continues, your lowered insulin levels will make your muscle and liver pay more attention to the messages that are sent by the insulin. They will be more sensitive to reduced levels. Ergo, you will be able to increase your metabolic rate and keep your body burning calories at higher rates for life.

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