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Things to Know When Buying Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is an alternative medicine supplement that I’ve relied on for many years to help my immune system fight off sickness. Many people are beginning to learn about its effectiveness, and because of its rising popularity, many new manufacturers have begun to hit the market, each with their own different kind of brand and gimmick. I’m writing this article to try and teach people a few tricks for picking out the right type of colloidal silver. But before we get into that, lets dive briefly into an overview of what colloidal silver is. Colloidal silver is produced by electrifying silver rods that have been suspended in water. The low voltage electric current slowly strips the silver away from its source and ionizes it in the water. An ion is simple a particle that has either a positive or negative charge. Colloidal silver is produced when an adequate amount of silver has been stripped away and suspended in the water.

In the past, colloidal silver wasn’t always made with pure water. Different solutions were used, many of which may have contributed to the side effect called Argyria, which causes the skin to slowly turn blueish gray permanently as more silver is consumed. These protein silvers, as they were named, didn’t use pure water as a base for their solution and didn’t have proper ionization levels of the silver. As a result, too much silver was consumed that was suspended in a poor quality liquid. In today’s modern world of supplements there is less of a risk of Argyria as a side effect, but a person should still be very cautious about what they buy. According to EPA, a safe colloidal silver dosage is about 350 mcg of silver daily. That’s where the parts per million comes in. The EPA considers 7 teaspoons of 10ppm colloidal silver as a safe daily dose. If you take a stronger solution of colloidal silver, you’ll have to drink less of an amount to stay within safe levels. 20 ppm solutions are twice as strong and therefore the dosage should be half as much, 3 and 1/2 teaspoons. That’s about as strong a dosage as you should take. Some silver products even boast a 100 ppm strength, so beware.

The two things to look for in a brand of colloidal silver are particle size and concentration. One thing that you’ll always hear the top distributors boasting about with their colloidal silver is a very small particle size. Their methods of ionization create very small particles of ionized silver in the water solution, which is beneficial because the smaller the particle size, the more easily absorbed and utilized by the body. So when you go to buy colloidal silver from one of the top distributors, check out what they have to say about particle size. Also be aware of concentration. Many of the newer distributors coming out are creating very strong 100ppm colloidal silver solutions and boasting that it’s somehow better because it’s stronger. But because the concentration is so much greater, a person really just has to be more careful about when they take it and how much of it they should take. A higher ppm isn’t the same thing as better quality. I myself have never taken silver stronger than 20ppm.

Colloidal silver is a substance that I’ve grown to really prize in the realm of natural health. I’m glad you’re doing your research on how to pick out the right brands and what the qualifications are for proper silver manufacturing. For more, check out my article on colloidal silver dosage.

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