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Dec 17

Is Resveratrol Good or Bad?

Substances or nutrients that can prevent or slow oxidative damage to the human body are called antioxidants. Our cells normally and essentially uses oxygen by which they produce by-products also known as free radicals. Antioxidants act as scavengers of free radicals which help prevent and repair damage done by free radicals. Antioxidants are also said …

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Nov 28

Tips On How To Reverse Aging

As one of few proven methods of anti aging that work, caloric restriction is being widely implemented at present, the research on any pharmaceuticals that can somehow mimic the caloric restriction effect continues. In fact, a huge number of some potential CR-mimetics are actually under study. Moreover, the most common and most available one is …

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Nov 07

Is Sytropin An Effective Anti Aging HGH Releaser Or Just Another Scam

Quite frankly, there is no product that can take off 20 years with just one application. In fact it would be ridiculous to expect that from any product for that matter. In Short Sytropin HGH cannot make you twenty yours younger over night and if you are expecting that it does then don’t waste your …

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Sep 21

Pomoloy Anti-Aging Drink Mix – Anti-Aging plus Resveratrol Benefits in a Tasty Drink

Pomoloy Anti-Aging Drink Mix

Anti-Aging plus Resveratrol Benefits in a Tasty Drink Savor the sweet blend of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables specially selected for their anti-aging properties. These superfoods are optimized with Resverapure® to provide an easy, convenient and delicious way to support healthy aging. Over 3 servings of powerful fruits and vegetables in every glass. Anti-Aging Drink …

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Apr 02

LONGEVITROL is Now Available!

Longevitrol - Earth's Bounty

We are please to announce that Longevitrol is now available after a long delay. Many customers have been bombarding us with telephone calls requesting this incredible product. It contains natural Growth Factors and vital Cofactors that help your cells grow and regenerate.  It helps compensate for the body’s natural decline in Growth Factors and Cofactors …

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Oct 12

Goji Juice

Goji berries grow in the pristine, nutrient rich soil high atop the Himalayan Mountains and surrounding areas. For over a thousand years Goji berries have been prized for their unique anti-aging & other health benefits. It might be the richest source of polysaccharides, carotenoids, glyconutrients, and other important phytonutrient compounds in the world. Goji naturally …

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