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Nov 05

Homeopathic Methods of Treating Pains

Homeopathic medicine is a controversial alternative to Rx drugs and narcotics. It was introduced in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann and believed to trigger the body’s natural healing process. It is based on the law of similar or the preparation of treatments by using the causes of the patient’s illness or disease. An example is the …

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Nov 01

Solve the Mystery of Your Back Pain and Get Instant Relief!

Are you guilty of this common outburst? “You’re a pain in the neck!” I know I’ve said it many times not knowing that I was actually stating a literal truth! You may be surprised to know that that common outburst carry’s a lot of truth within it. Let’s take a close look at the irony …

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Aug 12

AminoActive is now StayActiv – Stop Masking Pain


AminoActive’s name has been changed to StayActiv.  Same product but new name. We have been gettting incredible customer experiences about StayActiv Cream and StayActiv Capsules.  Customers have reported significant pain reduction.  Several customers mentioned that they liked the capsules because they did not upset their stomach or give them heartburn like over the counter pain …

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Mar 01

StayActive – Revolution in Pain* Management


StayActiv shown to actively promote recovery of muscle, joint and tissue. Most people, and especially those with active lifestyles, experience occasional routine aches and pains in their muscles and joints. ProMera Health, a health and wellness supplement company, has unveiled StayActiv, an all-natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs that has been lauded nationwide from professional athletes …

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Feb 15

Lignisul MSM

Lignisul MSM

A recent study on Lignisul MSM™ (MethylSulfonylMethane), a nutritional supplement that supplies biologically active sulfur, indicates it may offer a safe, non-toxic way to help ease the pain of arthritis. MSM™ is a naturally-occuring sulfur compound found in our bodies as well as in many common beverages and foods, including milk, coffee, tea and green …

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Jul 09

Maxi Joint – Joint Relief

Maxi Joint is an alternative approach for joint relief and minor pain relief. Preliminary studies show it may offer a high degree of predicted gastric, cardiovascular, liver, and renal safety. A proprietary blend of: 444.5 mg Magnesium Salts of Reduced Iso-Alpha Acids (from hops extract, Humulus lupulus L.), Oleanolic Acid (from olive leaf extract, Olea …

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