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Oct 30

A.Vogel Valerian Complex for Restful Sleep

Supports restful sleep and normal sleep patterns* Made from fresh, organically grown plants that are holistically standardized to the whole plant Composition Each 20 drop dose is equivalent to 118 mg fresh Valerian and 94 mg fresh Hops. 62% alcohol is used to extract the maximum amount of active and supporting elements of the plants. …

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Dec 17


DreamOn is a homeopathic & herbal sleep aid by RidegeCrest Herbals. Modern stressful living can make it increasingly difficult to get enough restful sleep. Busy schedules can compromise both the quantity and quality of sleep. When you try to sleep but can’t sleep or sleep well, sleep deprivation can set in, impairing concentration, mental focus, …

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Dec 07

Extress by Vaxa

Vaxa Extress

Extress provides the homeopathic ingredients that direct the body to cope with stress and anxiety. The homeopathic ingredients in this formula: Diminish emotional sensitivity and mood swings Help calm and focus attention Help reduce irritability and sensory over stimulation Help reduce stress-induced head pain Encourage restful sleep by diminishing mental over activity SuperSizeHealth.com – The …

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