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Oct 31

Vaxa Sinus Formula – Relief of Chronic Sinus Infections Naturally

Every year, almost 40 million Americans experience inflamed, clogged sinuses and chronic sinus infections. And unfortunately, many studies have shown that antibiotics are not an effective sinus infection treatment. This leaves millions of people asking, “What can I do to ease the congestion, headache, and pressure of chronic sinus infections?” Vaxa Sinus Formula is a …

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Oct 23

Vaxa Attend for Attention Deficit Disorder

Special Offer: For a limited time, while supplies last, we are including free with “Attend” orders, one per customer, the audio CD, “Why Can’t My Child Pay Attention?” by Dr. Douglas Cowan, PSY.D., M.E.C.C. This CD discusses a solution to attention deficit disorder. Vaxa’s Attend is a homeopathic medicinal specifically formulated to treat attention deficit …

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Sep 23

Vaxa Aller-Sine

Fast, Safe Homeopathic Allergy Reliefhas been shown to provide natural allergy relief by helping to: Hold back allergic reactions to pollen, dust, animal dander, and more Ease allergy symptoms like congestion, sneezing, and watery eyes Reduce the drowsiness caused by allergies Lessen inflammation and pain from allergies For more information please click here: Vaxa Aller-Sine …

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Sep 15

Arthritin & Vaxa & Homeopathic


Arthritin is specially designed to help diminish the pain and inflammation associated with degenerative joint diseases. When under a physician’s care, Arthritin may be found to be useful as a natural complement to pharmaceutical therapies providing fast, safe and effective results for the pain and irritation of common Rheumatoid Arthritis, the trauma and pain of …

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