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Aug 18

Vital Earth

Fulvic  is the  component that enhances and restores natural function, and Fulvic Minerals maximizes absorption of nutrients, for: * more energy * better mental clarity, alertness, focus, and concentration * better and faster metabolism of nutrients * boosted immune system function * diminished food cravings * reduced body acidity * sound restful sleep That’s why …

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Aug 18

Gluco Matrix


Higher potencies mean more nutrients reaching the joints to: The longer you wait to start taking a good joint support formula the more severe the damage and the more difficult reversal will be.  Gluco Matrix offers a natural, balanced approach to help stimulate your body’s restorative powers. • Regenerate cartilage • Restore healthy connective tissue …

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Aug 17

Fulvic Mineral Complex

Fulvic Mineral Complex by Vital Earth

Fulvic Mineral Complex is a concentrated plant source of ionic fulvic minerals. It is natural, organic and boosts the body’s natural defenses and supercharges the immune system. It heightens and restores natural functions, energizes cells, and enhances healing. Balance and Energize Fulvic can balance and energize the cell life and biological properties it comes into …

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Aug 14

Super Multi – Vital-Earth

Super Multi - Vital Earth

This one vitamin formula has the power to replace almost everything in your vitamin cabinet.  It’s the equivalent of 16 different bottles of vitamins, in high potencies, plus it also contains amino acids, antioxidants, and Ginkgo Biloba, all in a high fulvic mineral base.  Most other multi-vitamins don’t contain amino acids, and they’re essential for …

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