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May 14

Shinglederm Rescue & Shinglederm Plus Rescue

Shinglederm Rescue & Peaceful Mountain

Naturally soothing cream for rash relief and itchy skin Shingles, or Herpes Zoster virus, is often characterized by lesions of the skin. Shingles is often very painful and causes a burning and itching sensation associated with the inflammation of a shingles outbreak. Traditionally, the herbs in Shinglederm Rescue and the stronger Shinglederm Rescue Plus have …

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May 13

Back and Neck Rescue Gel


Natural herbal gel for chronic or occasional kinks and knots Traditionally, the herbs in Back and Neck Rescue have been used to relax muscle spasms, increase cleansing flow in muscle tissue and reduce the inflammation associated with common back and neck pain. This water-based gel absorbs quickly into the skin, is non-greasy, unscented, paraben-free and …

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