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Dec 14

A Male Yeast Infection and Treatment

The male macho thing is still alive and kicking and most men wouldn’t read about yeast infections unless the word ‘male’ is in the title. However yeast infections in men are just as prevalent as women. Here we will be looking at infections in the groin area which are predominantly passed by sexual intercourse. Just …

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Dec 02

This Yeast Free Diet Is Killing Me

A couple of months ago my wife decided that she was going to try out a yeast free diet. She has always suffered from yeast infections at least two or three times a year. Usually they are after a heavy period or if she has been busy at work. Because she was going to try …

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Nov 10

The Unspoken Benefits of a Candida Free Diet

A candida free diet is primarily for those people who suffer from a candida or yeast infection. Because of the nature of the diet there are also hidden benefits that may not be easily recognizable. Among the other benefits that have been mentioned are weight loss, more energy, and looking and feeling younger. Could a …

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Nov 09

Yeast Free Food For a Yeast Free Diet – Part Two

Welcome to part two of this, what I consider, highly informative article. If you haven’t read part one then really you should as it lays down the basics for this article. The discussion is based around the differences of opinion about what food is acceptable for a yeast free diet, what isn’t acceptable, and why. …

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Nov 04

4 Points to Consider if a Diet For Candida Will Work For You

A diet for candida has to be considered carefully. It isn’t something that will work for everyone or something that most people will enjoy. Not being able to eat or drink things that we have all grown up with like bread, cheese and beer can be extremely difficult. That said people who have followed the …

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Nov 02

Yeast Free Food For a Yeast Free Diet – Part One

There seems to be some disagreement surrounding what a yeast free diet is and what is yeast free food. Some claim that wheat is not allowed while others say you can eat it. Some people say you can use soy but others say ‘no’. As an amateur nutritionist I will try to present a few …

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