Why is OXY-CLEANSE more effective than other products?
It simply does more and does it better. OXY-CLEANSE helps to remove old impacted material from your colon, while it also filters out harmful debris and revitalizes it. Some products may do just one—OXY-CLEANSE does all three; plus it’s non-habit forming and won’t weaken your colon muscles.

How does it work without psyllium or herbs?
It works on a different pathway than those products. OXY-CLEANSE releases oxygen that actually breaks down old matter and other debris so you can gently eliminate it, rather than just pushing or scraping it out.

Why is this better than using laxatives?
Laxatives can work harshly and with an unwanted sense of urgency. They do not create the action necessary to break down and eliminate impacted matter in the colon.

Is OXY-CLEANSE just another magnesium product like in drug stores?
No. Its original, unique formula is over 70 years old that has been updated. We infuse a magnesium oxide compound with oxygen/ozone under specific pressure. Its special crystal matrix lattice technology represents a breakthrough in bio-nutrition.

How should you use OXY-CLEANSE?
Everyone’s body is different, and different people use it in various amounts. Some people take one or two capsules only when they feel the need for it. Others take 1-3 capsules daily for continuous cleaning action. People who want a complete colon cleanse usually take 2 capsules 3 times daily for about 4 weeks, then taper off to 1-2 daily, then adjust as necessary. No matter how you take it, it is an easy and convenient one-bottle solution.

Can you use it with other oxygen supplements?
Absolutely. They work synergistically together. OXY-CLEANSE is designed to target the colon, while OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX deliver bioavailable oxygen to the entire body on a cellular level.

How is OXY-CLEANSE different from OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX?
OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX deliver bioavailable oxygen to cells throughout the entire body. OXY-CLEANSE is specifically designed to target the upper and lower intestinal tract.

Is it safe?
Yes. The ingredients in OXY-CLEANSE have been thoroughly tested and are safe for adults to take on a regular basis. OXY-CLEANSE does not cause uncomfortable bloating or have harsh effects on your system. It is not habit forming and you will not be running to the bathroom because of it.


Want to lose weight? OXY-CLEANSE is a great companion to any weight loss program. Many people have 5 or more pounds of undigested matter in their colon. OXY-CLEANSE will clean it out easily, and regular use will keep excess undigested matter from accumulating.

Looking for a digestive aid? If you take OXY-CLEANSE with food, it can act like a super digestive helper, so you don't feel bloating or discomfort.

OXY-CLEANSE is based on a formula that is over 70 years old, and its benefits were written up in the 80th Congressional Record.

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