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Why do you need an oxygen supplement?
Your body needs oxygen, its most vital nutrient, to maintain normal cellular functions and for a host of other important uses. Your body uses oxygen at a very rapid rate. Mental or physical stress, disease, poor diet or lack of exercise can create a need for more oxygen—yet most people don’t get enough. The Earth’s air used to be almost 40% oxygen, but now it’s only about 20% (less at altitude). OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX give your body extra oxygen to help your body function at its optimum.

Who should use OXY-CAPS?
Most people can benefit from increased oxygen. Typical situations where OXY-CAPS can really help are: high altitude where oxygen is thinner, smoggy or polluted environments, offices or work areas with poor air circulation. Smokers, athletes, seniors and people with special breathing needs can all benefit from increased oxygen.

How much do you need and how does it work?
Most people use 1-2 capsules 2-3 times a day. OXY-CAPS uses a complex biochemical reaction with your stomach’s natural acids that produces molecular oxygen.

Does OXY-CAPS work the same as OXY-MAX?
Yes—it produces the same results. Use whichever is more convenient for you—capsules or liquid. One OXY-CAPS capsule is the equivalent of 20 drops of OXY-MAX. Both are guaranteed to increase your bioavailable oxygen.

How are OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX different from OXY-CLEANSE?
OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX deliver bioavailable oxygen to cells throughout the body. OXY-CLEANSE is specifically designed to target the upper and lower intestinal tract.

Aren’t the OXY-CAPS / OXY-MAX ingredients a form of chlorine?
No. Chlorine is neither an ingredient nor a by-product. In rigorous testing, free chlorine has never been produced by OXY-CAPS or OXY-MAX. OXY-CAPS contains very little sodium.

Are OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX better than (35%) hydrogen peroxide?
Yes. 35% hydrogen peroxide is not intended for internal use. Hydrogen peroxide is labeled “Food Grade” as an approval for use in cleaning food-handling equipment. Ingesting hydrogen peroxide can cause serious side effects and is listed as a hazardous material. Be extremely careful with any use of hydrogen peroxide.

Are OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX safe?
Yes—stabilized oxygen has been used by a great number of people for many years. OXY-CAPS and OXY-MAX are produced under the strictest manufacturing procedures and quality control standards.



“You can go without food for weeks, without water for days, but if you are denied oxygen for only a few minutes, you cannot survive. All the physical processes of your body, such as circulation, assimilation, digestion and elimination ‘run’ on oxygen. Oxygen helps your body produce energy, balance its metabolism, eliminate wastes and fight infection. Your body uses oxygen to rid itself of toxins and allergenic substances. Since anaerobic bacteria, fungi and viruses cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment, high blood oxygen levels are your best defense against infectious illness. Unlike other nutrients, your body cannot store oxygen.

When your blood oxygen is low (as it usually is in most people), this condition is called ‘hypoxia.’ When hypoxia exists, your body is not capable of functioning at optimal levels.

Why are most humans hypoxic? First, there is less available oxygen due to rampant tree destruction and pollution. In ancient times, your ancestors breathed fresh air containing nearly 40% oxygen. Today, O2 molecules are becoming ‘bound up’ by pollution. In humid areas or high altitudes, it is worse. Add to that, the reduced O2 content of continuously recirculated ‘stale’ air in your home or office. This results in your getting 20% or less available O2 in the air you breathe! That is a significant loss!

Second, most people are shallow breathers. If you have not deliberately learned to breathe properly (breathe abdominally), you are not bringing enough air into your lungs and you cannot assimilate it efficiently to obtain vital blood oxygen levels. It is especially difficult for overweight people who become short of breath when their diaphragm cannot move to sufficiently draw air into their lungs. When blood oxygen content is low, your body is slowed, weakened, and easily fatigues. Your immune system tires, making you prey to infections, accelerated aging and, over time, disease. Even mental clarity is reduced by hypoxia.

Dehydration also reduces the body’s ability to pickup and transport oxygen to the cells. It has been estimated that 90% of the population is clinically dehydrated. In short, they do not drink enough water. Stress contributes to O2 depletion in the body! We normally think ‘emotional’ stress. The body actually has to also deal with ‘physical stress’ (exercise) and ‘nutritional stress.’

Few people have enough oxygen for their body to function at peak levels! To live well, you need to supplement your daily intake of oxygen. With high blood oxygen levels, you can fight off illnesses, gain zest for life, and enjoy vibrant energy, strength, and endurance.”
The NaturoPathic Physician Magazine May, 2001

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