FlexNow for cartilage, inflammation,pain.

FlexNow Joint Formula is a new approach to joint pain – an all-natural dietary supplement with SheaFlex70™, one of the most powerful inflammation fighter of any botanical.

Clinically proven to reduce inflammation, FlexNow can help make your active lifestyle even better. From playtime to gym time to everyday tasks like opening a jar or walking up and down stairs – people from coast to coast are using FlexNow for renewed mobility and flexibility in hands, knees, ankles, shoulders,elbows – all the trouble spots where stiffness can limit your mobility.

Inflammation has many causes and FlexNow is not designed to substitute for professional medical care and treatment. But if inflammation is causing joint pain, try FlexNow Joint Formula.

The FlexNow guarantee

We are so confident in the inflammation-fighting power of FlexNow that it’s guaranteed. Try it for 30 – 60 days. If you do not experience complete relief, improved mobility and greater flexibility, just return it for a complete refund - including the stamp to mail your refund request! (Refund instructions are included in each carton of FlexNow.)

The power of all-natural SHEAFLEX70™

The active ingredient in FlexNow is derived from the pit of the fruit of the Karite tree, which grows wild in Africa. The same source of shea butter, found in quality cosmetics and high-grade chocolate, shea is a remarkable botanical with a tradition of life-enhancing properties centuries in the making.

The secret of FlexNow is shea triterpenes, they are one of nature’s most powerful inflammation fighters. These compounds have been carefully isolated in FlexNow’s patent-pending active ingredient, SheaFlex70.

Easy to take - guaranteed results

For best results, simply take three easy-to-swallow softgels with food for effective absorption. As with other supplements, FlexNow should be taken continuously over time for best results.

Safe and effective

FlexNow has been proven safe. A New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) application for FlexNow was one of only seven NDIs meeting all safety and toxicology requirements in 2004 by the FDA.

There are no known allergies to Shea Triterpenes. FlexNow contains no added sugars (sucrose, fructose or lactose), no salt (sodium chloride), no nuts, yeast, soy, wheat, corn, fish or milk products - and it is gluten-free. It is also made without artificial colors or preservatives.

Supplement Facts and Ingredients

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