HerbaSway Kudja

HerbaSway Kudja

Great tasting Kudja helps to calm occasional nervous tension and stress by nurturing your brain, heart and veins. Kudja contains the right balance of herbs to support healthy blood circulation, while maintaining a strong cardiovascular system. Great to use for a hangover.

Kudzu extract contains two interesting compounds that support immense health benefits: Daidzin and Puerarin. Together they help maintain a strong cardiovascular system. Ginkgo helps support blood circulation and assists in maintaining vein health. Green Tea reduces free radicals throughout the body. Stevia and Lo Han balance the Qi and calm the digestive tract.

Ingredients: Purified water, vegetable glycerin, Kudzu extract (root) 40 mg, proprietary blend of Lo Han extract (fruit) and Stevia extract (leaf) 23 mg, Green Tea extract (leaf) 10 mg, Ginkgo extract (root) 5 mg, Ural Licorice extract (root) 1 mg.

Directions: Shake well. Adults: Mix one full dropper in 6 oz. of water at any temperature. Drink up to 3 times daily. Children 10 and over: ½ dropper.

Keep all supplements out of reach of children. Pregnant or nursing women and those taking medication should consult their health care professional before taking any herbal products.

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