Hi-Octane+2 by Michael Vie™


Hi-Octane+2 by Michael Vie™

Transforms your favorite fragrance or cologne into a powerful stealth powerhouse to attract women. Contains two powerful pheromones, Alpha-Androstenol and Alpha-Androstenone to help improve your romance. Cannot consciencelessly be detected by people around you. Only you will know that you are wearing it. More than a novelty, because it works!

Hi-Octane+2 by Michael Vie™:

Directions: Mix 1/4 of the bottle with every 2 oz of your favorite fragrance: after shave, cologne, body oil, body lotion, body cream or moisturizer. One 1/8 oz. bottle is enough to mix with 4 to 8 oz of your favorite product.

Note: Please note that some cologne bottles have pressed on caps thereby making it impossible to mix anything into the bottle. We recommend Uneet Scentless as another powerful alternative for these situations.

Ingredients: Androstenone, Androstenol

Customer Experiences:

“Now, I'm not what you'd consider handsome, but I tell you, Hi-Octane+2 really breaks down barriers.”

"...I know seeing is believing but I'm still in shock at how well this stuff works."

"High Octane 2 definately works! I tried it last year and noticed immediate results."

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Hi-Octane+2 by Michael Vie™        Quantity $39.95/ea.

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