Allergy Relief

Homeopathic Allergy Relief

A homeopathic remedy for the temporary relief of sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, nasal congestion, hives.

If you suffer from constant sneezing, an itchy or runny nose, nasal congestion, watery eyes, coughing or postnasal drip, and are looking for allergy relief, you have come to the right place! You may be excreting too much histamine, which is causing such allergic reactions to occur. It is estimated that more than 30 million men, women and children in the United States suffer from allergic reactions and can benefit from using an antihistamine or other type of allergy medication.

Homeocare™ Allergy Relief Today! Sneezing, nasal congestion and watery eyes are not always the symptoms of a cold. Sometimes these are allergic reactions to something in the air. Today, men, women and children get the allergy relief they desire from HomeoCare?. HomeoCare? allergy relief helps control the flow of histamine and greatly reduces the symptoms of allergies that come from hay fever, conjunctivitis, urticaria, and more.

HomeoCare? allergy relief is non-habit forming and will not make you drowsy like many other types of allergy medications. As with all our HomeoCare? products, our allergy relief has been developed using only the most precise pharmaceutical methods. Today, Homeocare™ homeopathic combination remedies are used by hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide for self-treatment of ailments.

Homeocare Allergy Relief ingredients:

Active ingredients:Apis mellifica 8x (honey bee), Histaminum 8x (histamine), Allium cepa 8x (Onion), Euphrasia 8x (Eyebright), Drosera 8x (Sundew), Urtica urens 8x (Nettle).

Directions: Turn tube upside down, twist cap to release pellets. Using cap, place 3 pellets under tongue three times daily, 15 minutes before eating. Allow to dissolve in mouth. For intense symptoms, take hourly, reducing frequency as improvement occurs. Or as directed by a physician. Avoid touching pellets with your fingers.

(What is homeopathy?)

Homeocare Allergy Relief        Quantity $27.99/ea.

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