Maca Magic Cocoa Maca Loco

Maca Magic  Cocoa Maca Loco

i Loco! We woke up one night with cacao beans on the brain... Went loco and came up with this recipe based on organic whole food and classic ingredients from the Inca and the Maya.

Tastes like the ultimate natural chocolate smoothie: Mild chocolate and vanilla, creamy rich body, a bit chewy...

We use whole chunks of real (raw chocolate) cacao bean, (called cacao nibs), dried lucuma fruit, solcana… and, for an added buzz, raw Maca Magic!

Suggested directions for use:
Blend one tablespoon of Smoothie Mix with 16 ounces of juice or milk for a smoothie. Add fruit and ice to thicken.

Cacao nibs, Raw Maca, solcana, lucuma.

7.3 OZ
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