Maca Magic Maca Picchu Smoothie

Maca Magic Maca Picchu Smoothie

An instant malt smoothie developed by our wandering ethno-botanist. Maca Picchu is crafted from the forgotten and classic ingredients rediscovered in the Inca’s homelands. This 'Nuevo Classico' combination is destined to become famed and fabled all across the Andes once again!

Children will swoon for the rich and creamy malty-vanilla flavors and adults cry for their forgotten youth!

This is the perfect all natural instant smoothie with ingredients that are unrefined and left bursting with flavor and ripe with energy!

Suggested directions for use:
Blend one tablespoon of Smoothie Mix with 16 ounces of juice or milk for a smoothie. Add fruit and ice to thicken.

Peruvian white carob ™, Kiwicha, Maca Magic ™, quinoa, Lucuma, solcana, Algarrobo, ground vanilla beans and vanilla powder.

5.1 OZ
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