Avocado300 Soy Unsaponifiables

Maximum International Avocado 300

Natural treatment for Osteoarthritis.

  • Provides relief from pain and helps increase joint mobility.
  • Increases collagen synthesis.
  • Repairs mechanisms in articular cartilage.
  • Safe and highly effective for people of all ages.

ASU is a natural vegetable extract made from avocado and soybean oils. Avocado soybean unsaponiflables has been a prescription treatment for osteoarthritis in France since the early 1990s.

ASU has substantial basic science (laboratory and animal) and clinical (human) research evidence, and a long history of safe, effective use. ASU has been investigated in the treatment of connective tissues, including osteoarthritis and was first reported to increase collagen synthesis in rabbits. A later study in humans showed ASU could help repair mechanisms in articular cartilage and could prevent cartilage degradation. The joint damage in osteoarthritis involves damage to the cartilage that protects the ends of the bones, and helps keep joints moving smoothly. The main theory is that ASU is able to affect the development and repair of cartilage.

60 veg capsules bottle
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