NeoCell™ Firming Gel

Neocell Collagen Replenishing Beauty Gelle



Neocell - Firming Gel        Quantity $16.95/ea.


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DEIONIZED WATER - Neutral pH, without minerals or other contaminants, bacteria free. The purest, most stable form of water.

ALOE EXTRACT - Active herbal extract that promotes healing, aids in natural cell renewal working against problems associated with aging skin. Soothing to skin tissues. As an emollient it builds moisture in surface cells). As and astringent it tightens pores.

POLYGLYCERYLMETHACRYLATE - Water soluble, lubricating gel. Combines strength and flexibility to give a slippery feel to gel.

SOLUBLE COLLAGEN - Protein fiber found in skin (extracted from Bovine tissue). Helps build water level by holding moisture filled fibers close to skin's surface. Produces younger looking skin due to increased moisture content. Works to decrease lines and wrinkles caused by lack of moisture. Soluble collagen is young non-cross-linked collagen and is the ingredient to look for in collagen-containing cosmetics. Collagen can be utilized by the skin to raise its moisture level, increase elasticity, improve the function of the capillaries and sooth the complexion's surface.

LECITHIN - A waxy oil, usually derived from soybeans, but present in all living cells. Used as an anti-oxidant and emulsifier in creams and lotions.

HORSETAIL EXTRACT - A strengthening herb, provides soluble organic silica to elastic fibers, which would help renew skin's strength and flexibility. Speeds cellular change deep within skin structure, giving a rejuvenated appearance. Provides Vitamin C, which acts as a healing agent and a natural astringent.

METHYLSILANOL ASCORBATE - Organic silicon. Silanols encapsulate vitamin C. Carries vitamin C to skin and fights free radicals.

BIOFLAVINOIDS - from the white pulp of citrus. Assist Vitamin C in its biological functions providing elasticity to capillary walls.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL - Humectant, dispersant.

CARBOPOL 940 - thickener, binder.

TRIETHANOLAMIINE - Thickener, gelling agent. Dispersant.

LAVENDER EXTRACT - Aromatic herb. Antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Helpful for healing wounds, sores, and skin ulcers and also considered beneficial in the treatment of eczema, acne, and insect bites.

DIAZOLIDINL - Preservative

UREA - Humectant (compounds that are used to prevent water loss and drying of the skin)

AMMONIUM ACRYLATES/ACRYLONITROGENS COPOLYMER - Water-soluble gel that keeps product from feeling tacky or rolling off the skin.

METHYLPARABEN - Organic preservative from gum benzoin. An inhibitor of microbial growth.

PROPYLPARABEN - Organic preservative from the esters of p-Hydroxybenzoate acid. Widely used in cosmetics as a bactericide and fungicide.

Neocell - Firming Gel        Quantity $16.95/ea.

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