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Apatrim is a new and improved diet supplement from Patent Health replacing PantentLean. (PatentLean has been discontinued).

Apatrim, the "answer to dieter’s dreams." Scientists have uncovered a century-old secret that is being called “Willpower in a Bottle.” The new breakthrough diet supplement called Apatrim has been shown in a recent clinical trial to get results without the addition of exercise or diet! In addition to losing weight, participants in the clinical lost an average of 1 inch off their waistline, with some people losing as much as 3 inches off their waistline in just 4 weeks*.

Apatrim Product information

Clinical trial shows new diet pill gets results without adding exercise or diets

Dieters have always dreamed of losing weight without starving or adding exercise. Well that dream may be about to come true. Scientists have uncovered a weight loss breakthrough that is clinically shown to get results without the ad­dition of exercise or diets.*1

PatentHEALTH, the developers of this break­through discovery, have just approved it for distribution.Apatrim now makes this weight loss breakthrough available to dieters in the US. The key ingredient has a known ability to control hunger pangs. Be­cause of this, Apatrim is being called “willpower in a bottle.”

A clinical study showed that par­ticipants taking the active ingredient in Apatrim lost an average of 5 times more weight than those taking a placebo*. In addition to losing weight, par­ticipants also lost an average of 1 inch with some people losing as much as 3 inches off of their waistline in just 4 weeks. 1* An amazing 83% of the participants lost weight without additional exercise or changing the foods they ate.*

Dr. Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D2. a former clinical professor at the University of California’s Los Angeles School of Medicine conduct­ed the clinical study.

The participants were instructed not to change the types of food they were eating and not to add any exer­cise. They were told to take Apatrim’s active ingredient 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. The results were stunning.Participants who took Apatrim lost as much as 8 pounds and up to 3 inches off their waistline during the 4-week clinical study*. This is exciting news for people who want to lose weight without starving or suffering through hours of intense exercise.

Highly Recommended

Dr. Joseph Dietz,Ph.D. Director of Health Science, Research & Development for PatentHEALTH LLC, the innovative health care company that developed Apatrim, was very impressed with the weight loss and safety data coming from the clinicals.

“While there is no substitute for proper diet and exercise, when I saw the results that people were getting without changing the type of food they ate or adding exercise, I immedi­ately recommended that we use this active ingredient in Apatrim,” said Dietz*.

“An added ben­efit to the great results is that Apatrim is stimu­lant free and has no reported ad­verse effects.”

“In addition to the reduction in appetite, the sci­entific trends suggest that Apatrim can also inhibit the enzymes which ac­cumulate and form body fat,” continued Dr. Dietz.*

When you con­sider all the pos­sible benefits that this diet supplement provides, Apat­rim has the potential to be a strong weapon in the battle against weight gain.

1Primary study based on 26 participants over a 4-week period, participants were directed not to add any exercise or change eating habits. 2 Dr. Ronald Lawrence, M.D., PhD., conduct­ed the clinical trial and is not affiliated with PatentHEALTH nor endorsing Apatrim.

What is Apatrim?

Apatrim is a natural plant extract that works as an appetite suppressant. The active ingredient in Apatrim has been clinically tested and is safe and effective*.

Does Apatrim contain any stimulants?

No. Apatrim contains absolutely no stimulants or vasoconstrictors such as ephedrine or PPA.

What is the active ingredient in Apatrim?

The active ingredient in Apatrim is the extract of the Caralluma Fimbriata plant which grows in India. Apatrim contains only the extract which is harvested under a patented process and is the ONLY form of Caralluma Fimbriata that has been tested in clinical trials.

Does it have any negative side effects?

No. Clinical results show no significant adverse effects when used as directed.

How do I take Apatrim?

Take 2 Apatrim capsules before lunch and 2 more before dinner.

Is there any medication I can’t take while taking Apatrim?

There are no known interactions between Apatrim and any other supplements or drugs. However, if you are taking prescription medications or any other drugs, we urge you to discuss Apatrim and your weight loss program with your physician.

How many participants were in the clinical trial?

There were 26 participants; 19 took Apatrim’s active ingredient and 7 took placebo.

How much weight will I lose?

Results can and will vary by individual. In the clinical trial participants lost up to 8 lbs and 3 inches off of their waist in 4 weeks. Participants taking Apatrim lost on average 5 times more weight than those taking a placebo.*

Can I take more than the recommended dosage/more than 4 capsules per day?

No. Do not take more than 4 Apatrim capsules per day. Always take a dietary supplement exactly as directed.

Do I have to exercise or follow a diet for Apatrim to work?

No. The participants in the clinical trial were instructed not to change their diets and not to add additional exercise. However, a well rounded exercise program and sensible diet is always the best course of action for weight loss.

How long until Apatrim starts working?

Apatrim begins working immediately. For best results Apatrim should be taken approximately 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Can children take Apatrim?

Apatrim has only been tested in adults, only those 18 and older should take it.

How long do you advise that a person use Apatrim?

While there are no formal long term studies, there have been no reported significant adverse effects and Apatrim’s active ingredient has been used by tribals in India for centuries. Therefore Apatrim can be used for as long as a person continues to get results.

How does Apatrim impact pregnancy?

While there is no data regarding taking the active ingredient in Apatrim during pregnancy, we do not recommend taking Apatrim if you are pregnant or nursing. And as always, consult your physician before taking any dietary supplement.

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