Sedona Labs

Sedona Labs is the premium probiotic for potency and effectiveness. Research has proven that multi-strain probiotic blends are more effective than formulas with only one or a few strains. As a result, the Sedona Labs® team has developed a line of specialized iFlora™ Multi-Probiotic™ blends and digestive support formulas to meet diverse health needs.

Sedona Labs, a 20 year old company, produces a family of eight multi- probiotic and digestive enzyme formulas to meet the needs of diverse consumers. The iFlora multi-probiiotic capsules contain 16 strains arid 16 billion viable cells. All of their probiotics are shelf stable made possible by matrix encapsulation protecting each cell until reaching the intestinal tract.

SerraPhase Inflammation Response Supports healthy circulation and normal inflammation response throughout the body - in joints, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and even the heart, sinuses and bronchials.
Colostrum Nourish Natural Capsules Helps promote immune and intestinal health.
Normalizer-3 Acid Balance Normalizer-3 is an innovative blend of vegetarian digestigve enzymes and powerful probiotics.

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