ShiKai Borage Therapy Lotions

Borage Therapy for Children, Borage Therapy Original Unscented, Borage Therapy Lightly Fragranced, Borage Therapy Advanced Form

These OMEGA-6 products are specifically formulated to relieve dry cracked skin in just days AND promote the growth of healthy new skin cells for long-term benefits. Brings relief to those who suffer from chronic dry skin and some forms of atopic dermatitis and eczema.

ORIGINAL UNSCENTED This top selling lotion has a 10 year history of successful sales. It has been clinically tested (on people) and proven to offer real relief for sufferers of dry, red and itchy skin.

LIGHTLY FRAGRANCED This new product is the same formula as our best selling original unscented lotion. It provides the same benefits and has a light refreshing scent.


This new formula represents 12 years of pioneering research using natural botanicals which have proven benefits for itch relief. It contains 4 highly effective ingredients: COLLOIDAL OATMEAL and SHEA BUTTER for immediate soothing and BORAGE OIL and ROOIBOS EXTRACT for deeper healing on a cellular level.

Shikai Borage Therapy Children's Lotion

Borage Therapy for Children Borage Therapy CHILDREN'S LOTION provides fast relief for red, itchy skin, cradle cap, and many forms of atopic dermatitis and eczema. For infants and children 6 months to 12 years.

ShiKali Borage Therapy Foot Cream - 4.2 oz.        Quantity $11.49/ea.

ShiKali Borage Hand Cream - 2.5 oz.        Quantity $8.49/ea.

ShiKali Borage Therapy Advanced Formula - 8 oz.        Quantity $15.99/ea.

ShiKali Borage Therapy Children's Lotion - 8 oz.        Quantity $13.59/ea.

Borage Therapy Lightly Fragranced Lotion - 8 oz.        Quantity $14.59/ea.

Borage Therapy Original Unscented - 8 oz.        Quantity $14.49/ea.

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