Skedattle Insect RepellentSkedattle!™ is the all-natural mosquito defeater that everyone's talking about... sportsmen, fishermen, hikers, bikers, maintenance men and moms. They're all reporting the same thing- that Skedattle really works! From the swamps of Louisiana to the woods of North Carolina, people can't seem to say enough about Skedattle!

Skedattle beats 100% DEET. In an independent lab test, conducted by Bass Labs, LLC, Skedattle soundly beat a product containing 100% Deet - the first time an all-natural product has outperformed the chemical additive.

It even works on no-see-ums, gnats, bees, ticks, and chiggers! Skedattle makes bugs beat it! What's more, it outperforms products with the chemical additive Deet, it even beats 100% Deet! Anglers love Skedattle because it doesn't melt their fishing line and ruin their tackle boxes. Moms love it for kids because it's all natural and smells good. And everyone loves it because it works! Contains peppermint, lemongrass, and citronella oils, vanillin, and water.

What's so special about Skedattle? It's all-natural formula contains no harsh chemicals, so it's safe to use on kids and even pets! Anglers love it because Skedattle won't melt their fishing line or tackle boxes, (unlike sprays that use Deet). Moms love it because it smells great -- with a pleasant vanilla/lemon fragrance that actually smells good! But most of all, people love Skedattle because it works! It's the only all-natural mosquito repellent to beat 100% Deet in an independent lab test. That's because Skedattle's proprietary, patent-pending formulation makes use of four ingredients that send mosquitos and other bugs packing. These include peppermint oil, lemon grass oil, vanilla oil, and citronella oil. In fact, this unique combination of natural bug fighters is so effective, that only a trace of each ingredient is required. The result? A pleasant smelling, non-greasy spray that's long lasting, easy to apply and enjoyable to wear. So go natural! Just click the Order Now button and start enjoying the great outdoors!

Skedattle        Quantity $33.88/ea.

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