Sundial Herbs and Herbal Products International has been in existence since the early 1970’s. However, the recipes from our products goes back at least 100-years. It has been handed down from our Great-Great-Grandfather, who was the family healer, and descent of the Koromantee Tribe (Maroons) in Jamaica, West Indies. In countries and areas outside the United States most people try to hold onto the tradition of using herbs, roots, barks and natural elements from nature to assist with the well-being and maintenance of the body. This tradition is then handed down to the one designated as the “family healer”. So it was… that the family healer was designated to be the Bush Doctor – Baba Rahsan Abdul Hakim. From the age of eight he was designated to carrying on the family tradition of making Woodroot Tonic, Koromantee Bitters and other family recipes using natural herbs, roots, barks, spices and seeds.

Product Ingredients and Shelf-Life: The products contain no chemicals, artificial colors or additives. They are composed of pure herbs, roots, barks from Africa and the Caribbean Islands. We use different herbal spices to preserve the contents and extend the life of the product. The products are made fresh daily… with about one to two days (at the most) sitting in our plant before they are sent to any location. The shelf-life of the liquid products is approximately 7-years, aging with time, never loosing their potency or quality. Similar to all aged tonics and beverages, the aged taste could vary. These products do not ferment and turn to alcohol. (See the enclosed literature for detailed information on the individual products.)

Sundial - Ashanti Appetite Curber & Energy Lifter
Sundial - Koromantee Used traditionally as a herbal bitters, colonic, stomach, and intestinal cleanser.
Sundial Traditional African Man Back Traditionally used for all weaknesses in male reproductive system, spine, nerves and as a treatment for impotence.
Sundial Wood & Root If you are feeling rundown, tired, lacking energy, vim, vigor and vitality, try SUNDIAL traditional original Maroon recipe Herbal Wood and Root made the traditional way.
Sundial Ghanaian Woman Back Traditionally used for all weaknesses in female reproductive system, spine, nerves and as a treatment for impotence.
Ethiopian Organic Coffee (Blue Mountain) Delicious organic coffee with medicinal value.
Axum Ethiopian Honey Beverage A honey beverage made with pure raw honey which is an emulsifier, breaks up fat and mucus, helps you to loose weight and also helps the body to retain calcium and supplies energy.

Please remember that this information is not meant to substitute for a consultation with your physician, or another health care professional. Speak with your doctor if you have questions about primary care, or about any medical problem.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional use.

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